Site Security

Security is of paramount importance to and for this reason our entire site is SSL encrypted at a minimum of 128-bit - not just the checkout process.

Explained simply, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption establishes an encrypted connection between your computer and the servers. Immediately upon landing on our site the server provides your computer with a signed digital certificate and a 'public encryption key', your computer then uses this key to generate an encrypted data flow between itself and our servers. 128-bit SSL encryption is so secure that it would take approximately 1 trillion years for a hacker to break into an encrypted session based on present computer speeds.

For your credit card details, they are sent directly to our secure payment gateway. Our employee will never see your credit card details and we do not store them in our system. Any personal information received by is stored securely and handled confidentially. We will never pass your private information to a third party.

We understand the confidential nature of your private data. For this reason, our website employs the very best security for all personal data and the entire payment process. All information is handled via a secure connection using an SSL certificate. SSL encryption technology means you can have confidence that your data is sent and received securely, and it won't end up in the wrong hands.